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Academic Affairs

Phone: 423.652.4737

How do I appeal a grade?

First, speak to the viagra in australia professor involved. If you don’t find a mutually agreeable solution with your professor, you should take your grade concern to the school dean who oversees the cialis buy course in question. Finally, if your grade concern remains unresolved, you can follow the cialis en mexico grade appeal process outlined in the cialis overnight current academic catalogue in the section titled “Academic Appeals.”

What kinds of viagra pfizer grade issues can I appeal?

Students may appeal matters related to grades, course policies, and pertinent academic procedure. Appeals are considered valid when grade or course policies or procedures are applied inconsistently with how they may be described on a course syllabus or in a catalogue or handbook.  

I am a traditional undergraduate student. Do I have to take the canadian viagra CBASE exam? If so, when?

Yes. All traditional undergraduate students take the CBASE (College Basic Skills Exam). The exam, listed as KING 4020 on your course schedule and cialis medication transcript) is a co-requisite with KING 4000: Christian Faith and buy cialis without a prescription Social Responsibility.

Do all students have to take the MFT exam?

All students must complete a comprehensive assessment prior to graduation. The comprehensive assessment is listed as KING 4010 on your course schedule and transcript, and is usually taken in your last semester of brand cialis study before graduation. The MFT (Major Field Test) is used as the sales cialis comprehensive assessment for majors in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Master of discount cialis no rx Business Administration, Mathematics, Music, Physics, and Political Science. See your department chair for your major’s comprehensive assessment.

Revised Date: 08/08/2012